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    Начало Новини Breaking circular economy barriers - GO CIRCULAR

    Breaking circular economy barriers - GO CIRCULAR

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    A high-level conference followed by bilateral international meetings aiming at fostering circular economy business and R&D synergies and collaborations!

    • Would you like to discover the opportunities of Green and Circular Economy?
    • Are you interested in meeting business, technology and R&D partners?
    • Looking for inspiration, partners or funding for your circular economy projects?

    Join Western Balkan and international companies, researchers and stakeholders at this conference and B2B matchmaking event, for an engaging discussion regarding how governments, companies and individuals work to break the barriers in a circular economy, to achieve more, challenge the status quo and think outside of the box.


    In recent years, European and international policies that aim to implement circular economy have been put in place, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Green Deal and the European Plastics Strategy. The EU Circular Economy Action Plan notes that it is impossible to achieve climate-neutrality by 2050 without transitioning to a fully circular economy.

    The circular economy has been recognized as a new concept to be implemented throughout the Western Balkans region. However, as the concept is still in its formative years, many across this region only have a partial understanding of what a circular economy fully entails.

    Conference topics

    • Circular economy policy developments in the Western Balkan
    • Success stories of European circular economy projects
    • Insights into different business models and circular economy across various industries
    • Funding opportunities and tools for innovation projects

    Target participants

    SMEs, Universities, R&D centres, Business Associations, Public Authorities with Circular Economy solutions.

    Why participating?

    • Overview of Circular Economy and solutions
    • Networking with the most innovative actors
    • Partnering for future new business and R&D opportunities

    Website and registration: https://go-circular.b2match.io


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