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    BalkanMed INNOVA Call for interest for free on-line courses

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    Are you?

    • -Young people, unemployed, potential entrepreneurs who desire to acquire and/or improve your knowledge & skills related to entrepreneurship and create your start-up company;
    • -Entrepreneurs who want to further expand your business/business activities, who desire to improve your knowledge & skills related to entrepreneurship & increase the competitiveness of your existing company;
    • -Professionals- practitioners who want to evolve and expand your (family) business;
    • -SMEs in general;
    • -Graduates, especially these that are out of the market for long time and want to upgrade your academic knowledge;
    • -Trainers, i.e. young PhD researchers, PhDs, young academics.

    Are you interested in expanding your skills and competencies in one or more of the following sectors of strategic importance?

    • • ICT for SMEs, in modules such as
      Basic business skills for the digital era, IT Fundamentals, Frontend web development, Backend web development, Security and compliance with regulations
    • • Cultural Heritage and Tourism, in modules such as
      Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management, Cultural Heritage Tourism Planning and Development, Digital Cultural Heritage: Avenue for the Future
    • • Energy and Environment, in modules such as
      Energy, Society and Economy, Energy Future, Global Energy Business, Policy and innovative methods for estimation of air pollution
    • • Agribusiness, , in modules such as
      Protected cultivation systems, Organic production and certification, Advanced technologies in agro food processing

    If yes,

    take advantage of the free online courses of the Web-School for Entrepreneurial and lifelong learning that will be implemented within the framework of the project BalkanMed INNOVA.

    Register on: http://www.balkanmed-innova.eu/index.php/call-of-interest-for-free-online-courses

    and you will be informed by email for the launching of the course you are interested in.

    After the successful completion of the modules and related quizzes, a Certificate of Attendance will be given.

    Financial support for the implementation of the most innovative business ideas.

    The courses will be in English!

    For more information:

    +30 2681050234
    www.balkanmed-innova.eu mail:
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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