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    INVITATION FOR PARTICIPATION IN CALL FOR ASSOCIATED PARTNERS related to the Preparation of Proposal for Creation and Development of Centre of Competence

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    Preparation of Proposal for Creation and Development of Centre of Competence


    Based on item 12.3 of the Guidelines for applicants under the project proposals selection procedure BG05M2OP001-1.002 Creation and development of centers of competence (the Guidelines) under Operational program “Science and education for smart growth” 2014-2020, Investment Priority 1 “Research and technological development” and in connection with the forthcoming preparation of the application form, the IEES and others initiate a selection procedure for associated partners.

    The selection aims to recruit associated partners who are interested in the project and will participate in the implementation of activities under it, but will not spend money from the grant as under the conditions of item 12.3 of the Guidelines: „The expenditure incurred by the associated partners will not be eligible for reimbursement under the Operational Program“.

    Additional information about the operational program and the specific conditions for application can be found at the following address: http://sf.mon.bg/?go=news&p=detail&newsId=411.

    General conditions of participation

    Any interested economic operator (legal entity) that meets the below mentioned requirements can participate in this procedure.

    Associated partners will be ineligible where they:

    а) Have a member of the management or supervisory body, or a person temporarily performing such duties, including procurators or commercial agents, that are in close links within the meaning of §1 (1) of the Supplementary Regulations to the Conflict of Interest Prevention and Ascertainment Act with regard to the Head of the Managing Authority;

    b) Fall within the cases referred to in Articles 21 or 22 of the Conflict of Interest Prevention and Ascertainment Act.

    Successful applicants will be included as associated partners in the joint preparation and/or technical implementation of the project or pre-project activities requested.

    Key evaluation criteria

    All applicants involved in this proceeding will be evaluated in accordance with the points system specified below, according to its legal organizational form.

    I. Candidates for associate partners, who fall within the scope of the definition of “research infrastructure” set out in item 15 (ff) of the Framework for State aid for research and development and innovation (2014/C 198/01) (the Framework) will be evaluated according the following criteria:

    1. Publications in scientific journals and books, refereed in SCOPUS and WoS.
    2. Number of ERC grants, coordinator positions  in FP7 or Horizon 2020.
    3. Registered patents and patent applications in WIPO, European and/or USA patent offices.
    4. Number of innovative firms (spin outs, spin-offs) in the area of the proposal - „Mechatronics and clean technologies”.

    II. Candidates for associate partners, who are “business organisations“will be evaluated according the following criteria:

    1. Number of Partnerships with other research organizations.
    2. Investments in the relevant project area, respective science domain/domains, applicable to the project.
    3. Existence of an innovations strategy, including existence of intellectual property policy and rules.
    4. Participation in current and/or completed innovation projects (national and European) in the last five years (2011-2015).

    Method of candidates' assessment

    The candidates for associate partners will be evaluated by a commission appointed for this purpose and the first five candidates that receive the greatest number of points as a sum of scores given the above indicators will be invited for an interview, where all the details of the potential partnership will be discussed.

    The interview will not be part of the methodology for evaluating the candidates and will only be of an informative nature.

    If necessary, the commission may at any time require form the candidates additional documents, information, explanations and evidence of their circumstances.

    How to apply

    The set of documents that the applicants for associate partners should submit must contain all of the above documents, including an Inventory of the documents submitted and administrative information about the candidate – in according with the sample attached - an original document or a certified copy with a stamp " True to the original ", signature, stamp of the applicant and copy.

    Application documents are accepted every working day from 9:30 hours to 17 hours until 15.01. 2017 at building of Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems - BAS, located in the city of Sofia “Acad. G. Bonchev” str., bl. 10.
    e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    The procedure in stage

    Beginning: 15.11. 2016

    End: 15.01. 2017

    The list of the candidates that have submitted documents for participation, as well as the list of the approved candidates and the marks obtained, will be published by 15.01.2017 on the Internet Sites: www.iees.bas.bg and www.igic.bas.bg

    For additional information

    Name, surname and title: Iveta Boshnakova, secretary

    Organization: “Acad. Evgeni Budevski” Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy System - BAS

    Phone / Fax: +359 (2) 8722 543

    e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    The document can be downloaded from here


    Regarding the selection procedure of associated partners for call BG05M2OP001-1.002 "Creation and Development of Centres of Competence" under Operational programme “Science and Education for Smart Growth” 2014-2020, we would like to announce that the deadline for application is extended until 12:00h as of 20.01.2017.


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