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    11th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries LABAT’2020

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    11th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries LABAT’2020

    9-12 June 2020, Hotel INTERNATIONAL, Golden Sands Resort, Bulgaria


    The Joint innovation Centre is a partner of the LABAT Conference which is a globally recognized scientific forum gathering leading battery experts, technologists and academic researchers from all over the world. LABAT’2020 technical sessions will once again offer you an insight into the latest research achievements and development trends in the field of lead-acid battery manufacture, operation and recycling, as well as an in-depth discussion of the new challenges facing lead-acid batteries, while the exhibition fair will present a perfect opportunity to showcase your new products and services. LABAT’2020 will be held in the magnificent Golden Sands resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Representatives of JiC-BAS and Enterprise Europe Network will participate in the conference.



    • Fundamentals of Lead-Acid Battery Electrochemistry

    • Advances in Lead Battery Technology, Manufacture and Recycling

    • Innovations and New Materials for Lead-Acid Batteries

    • Advanced Lead Batteries for Automotive and Energy Storage Applications

    • Battery Management Systems, State-of-Charge, State-of-Health

    • Modelling and Simulation of Lead-Acid Battery Systems


    Lead-Acid Batteries Department
    Institute of Electrochemistry & Energy Systems
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    Acad. G . Bonchev str., Block 10
    Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

    Contact: Mrs. Mariana Gerganska, LABAT Secretary
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tel/ Fax: +359 2 8731552



    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


    Enterprise Europe Network




    Researchers' Night