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    HORIZON 2020 and Enterprise Europe Network: Awareness and Attitudes, February 2014

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    After the conducted in 2012 survey between researchers from BAS, this spring JiC conducted a new online survey, this time between the 670 participants in the  H2020 National Launching Conference on February 19, 2014. There were 135 respondents, mainly from BAS and universities, as well as, representatives of SMEs and NGOs.

    Here are some of the conclusions:
    -    a large part of the respondents have significant positive expectations for self-realisation through the opportunities given by the programme;
    -    a clearly stated negative opinion is indicated concerning the insufficient financial and regulatory support from the national authorities: for the narrowing of the gap between science and business;
    -    the potential beneficiaries rely mostly on the expected EU funds for the realisation of successful project and, subsequently, improving the competitiveness of the Bulgarian science and economy;
    -    a positive attitude is present regarding the participation in public-private and public-public partnerships;
    -    having a confirmed acute need of an intermediary for establishing science-business and science-science contacts, the popularity of JiC grows: as a source for information concerning H2020, as well as, other (European) programmes for the finding of both industrial and scientific partners,  and for providing assistance related to the registering of intellectual property rights;
    -    Enterprise Europe Network and the opportunities and services it provides should be further promoted;
    -    Still, as in 2012, there is a sustainable willingness to be informed about the Network and its wide range of services.

    See the complete outcomes here (in Bulgarian only)


    Познаваемост, отношение и нагласи към Единния център за иновации и дейностите му по проект Enterprise Europe Network

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    There are no translations available.

    Единният център за иновации на БАН (ЕЦИ) извърши онлайн анкетно проучване между изследователи от звената на Академията.
    Анкетата се проведе през април 2012 и целеше да идентифицира сред изследователите осведомеността, информационните нужди и активността в областите „проекти“ и „иновации.

    Резултатите от сондажа ще помогнат на екипа на ЕЦИ в бъдеще да предлага адекватни за учените решения и помощ при проекти въобще и по-специално „Enterprise Europe Network”– в съответствие със своята основна мисия, а също и да обосновава по-ефективно своите стратегии в подготовката на политики към различните изследователски звена.

    Резултати от онлайн проучването



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