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    Free Webinar: “Digital Cultural Heritage in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Role and Perspectives”

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    Date: 29/4/2020 || Time: 16:00 (CET)

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    The Research, Education, Innovation & Development Company of the North Aegean Region - ELORIS SA organizes webinar on topic “Digital Cultural Heritage in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Role and Perspectives”.

    The development of the cultural heritage sector has reached a crossroads, and has become strategic for the times we are living, especially. A proof is needed that the strategic dimension of cultural heritage is not just a figure of speech. The sector requires the most diverse range of disciplines to perform as a final service or commodity in the eyes of the consumers and indeed only few fields of application require such a vast integration of different skills, -giving to economists a strategic role: The transformation of the AV technologies and the liberation of information from the geolocations create the enabling environment to revive the media market using contents coming from peripheral centers of production. Storytelling in one great ensemble has the possibility to create emotions and thus interact with the audiences in the most fruitful way.

    We must ensure that each sectorial contribution is able to perform with resilience and without fear in front of modernization and adaptation to new needs, new rules or new professional approaches and capabilities. We need to challenge the heritage sector by reforming the supply-demand pattern in places with cultural significance and establish resilient ecosystems in European regions at grass roots level. We need to support stakeholders valorize heritage a growth asset and tackle strategic innovation in tourism with new markets and investments. Challenges, the tourism/heritage sector face with existing services, shall be matched with new skills for new jobs addressing the new world order of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive/2016, to connect the technology-intense experience with onsite authenticity, let supply-demand converge and combat seasonality.


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