EIA10 Presentations

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European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Workshop

L. Colmenares
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies Joint Programme - Sub-Programme 2: Catalyst and Electrodes

Advanced Impedance Techniques in SOFC Studies

C. Boigues Muñoz
Analysis of superposed relaxation processes in EIS spectra of High Temperature Fuel Cells in order to individualize the degradation phenomena

M. Cassir
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy diagnosis tool for a cathode‐supported solid oxide electrolysis cell

C. Paoletti
Electrochemical Impedance Study of the Poisoning Behavior of Ni‐based Anodes at Low Concentrations of H2S in a MCFC

C. Chatzichristodoulou
The need for localized electrochemical measurements and the promise of Controlled Atmosphere High Temperature scanning probe microscopy

A. Barbucci
Study of Reliability of Sofc Cathode Impedances at Applied Overpotentials

C. Chatzichristodoulou
Intermediate temperature and pressure electrochemical reactors

Oral Presentations

Capacitance and potential of zero total charge (pztc) measurements on Au(100) in an ionic liquid, BMIPF6

R. Jurczakowski
Impedance of the Catalytic EC’ Processes

F. Lima
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of n‐Si(100) Pre-etched by KOH or BHF

Growth and dissolution of passive films – estimation of kinetic parameters from EIS and XPS data

V. Horvat-Radosevic
Impedance approach to hydrogen evolution at GC/Ru electrodes: influence of differently modified GC electrode supports

A. Survila
Impedance under forced convection conditions. Measurements and analysis

T. Günther
Multispectral impedance measurement in Embedded Systems

G. Mészáros
Diffusion related electrochemical noise

C. Schiller
Modeling Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Nano Tubes or Nano Rods ‐ A New Transmission Line Approach

F. Wendler
Efficient parameter estimation impedance-based sensors by local, linear transformation

L. Pospisil
Negative Differential Resistance of Extended Viologen. Oscillations with Odd Harmonic Frequencies

M. Krapchanska
Impedance Studies of Porous Electrolytes with Mixed Ion Conductivity

K. Fijalkowski
Impedance of alkali metals amidoboranes – lightweight hydrogen stores

C. Schiller
Relaxation Impedance - The Nature of Inductive and Capacitive Behaviour in Low Frequency Impedance Spectra of Corroding Electrodes, Batteries and Fuel Cells

D. Levi
Dielectric Impedance Spectroscopy ‐ an Insight into Motor Oils Behaviour

E. Mladenova
Permittivity Impedance Spectroscopy of Porous Wet functional ceramics

Technical Ehxibition

Iosif Fromondi
Metrohm Autolab B.V.

Carl-Albrecht Schiller
Zahner-elektrik, GmbH

Vladimir Jovic
Gamry Instruments

Karol Fijalkowski, Rafal Jurczakowski
Novel Impedance Cell for Highly Reactive Powder Samples

Poster Presentations

M. Hromadova
Electron Transfer Kinetics in a Series of Expanded Pyridiniums and its Correlation with Steric Constraint around N‐pyridinio Site

R. Sokolova
Adsorption of N‐butyl‐N‐ethyl‐2,6‐dinitro‐4‐(trifluoromethyl) aniline on Gold(111) Substrate

J. H. Bae
Reliability test of a bio‐electrical impedance device with varying contact area of electrodes

I. Genov
Electrochemical Studies of Monolithic Dual Membrane Fuel Cell in Reversible Mode

S. Akay
Proton Conductivity Studies of Novel Organic Polymers

M. Tanovska
Electrochemical impedance investigation of cholesterol enriched supported films of lipids

R. Duarte
Electrochemical Impedance Spectrosocpy Analysis in Eletrodes for Redox Supercapacitors